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Forgiveness for real? Or just an ego trip?

True forgiveness cannot happen when one is still not aware of their anger. True forgiveness can only happen when there is no longer hatred. However, most people forgive with a judgmental mind. Your forgiveness is judgmental when your mind continues to label the hated subject as wrong, but you ‘chose’ to forgive. Such forgiveness is untrue and hypocritical because the hatred still exists deep within you, it merely buries in your dominating thoughts. It is the repression of anger, and that is not true forgiveness.

Forgiveness is transcending hatred into compassion. There isn’t such a thing as forgive and forget. Such a concept of forgiveness simply cannot happen. Because nothing can be forgotten, memories merely get buried in the deeper subconscious mind. Any memory can be triggered and come to life again. The hatred is still there; it is self-denial, and puts your mind into a repressive state. 

The key is to become fully aware of the hatred to transcend those negative states into the positive, which will truly set yourself free from your own imprisonment. 

It is all about an awareness of one’s anger to start with. Because hatred cannot exist without anger. With awareness, one should realize that anger is an unconscious state of mind that simply seeks justifications to fulfill one’s state of ego. It is a selfish and revengeful state of mind that blames and punishes others. And anger turns into hatred when our minds continue to associate with a past negative event. It is a state of psychosis in its entirety. Simply by being aware of these states, you realize you do not differ from the person you hate. 

They might have wronged you, but you have fought back too. Your retaliation was equally curt and ugly. Your state of mind was no better. It was revengeful; it was as ugly and as selfish as the person’s whom you hated. Both were selfishly unconscious in the past.

Hatred can only arise this way, there is no other way hatred could arise. 

When we hate someone for their behavior, their behavior gets imprinted in our consciousness and becomes buried deep inside us. The reason is that a state of unconscious judgment or comparison has to take place at the deeper state of our minds before we could conclude an incident or a person as negative. It becomes an unnecessary negative accumulation, and it is unintelligent.  

Always live in the present moment, there are so many things that are happening right in the present moment that you can pay attention to, and free your mind from associating with any past negative events. Hatred will cease to exist and transcends into a positive form.  

To transcend hatred to compassion is to accept yourself for who you are and to accept the other person as who he is. When one is fully aware and be repentance to these ugly states of mind, forgiveness becomes true that flowers into compassion. So, when you truly forgive others, you have forgiven yourself at the same time. You become free from your own imprisonment.

True forgiveness is all about a state of higher awareness of one’s deeper thoughts. And if one can transcend it, the energy within becomes compassion that will only bring about a more prosperous life. 

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