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Why Buddha didn’t teach about supernatural powers?

A lesson from Master Patana:

A follower asked: “If supernatural powers were real, why didn’t Buddha teach about it?”

Supernatural abilities are born in everyone of us. But it is unteachable. Like all virtues, they are unteachable because of its nature. You can’t teach a person to be good unless he sees his nature. And only until the ego is dropped, the good in a person truly starts happening. It was not out of a choice to be good. If it was a choice, that means the darker side of him still exists because of the comparative nature of the mind.

Supernatural abilities are in the same way, it is a by-product of an awakening of the mind and body. The spiritual state opens only when the mind and body are in perfect alignment. Such alignment of the mind and body could not happen when the state of ego is still unconscious to the person.

People would lose interest in true spiritual attainment, and the unconscious state of ego will get strengthened if supernatural powers were the goals of Buddha’s teachings.

Any enlightened being would truly understand that it is far more important to master the mind and body than to seek supernatural powers.

First, it is to understand that no true supernatural abilities could happen if one still does not master both the body and mind completely. Thus, it is totally pointless to even mention about supernatural abilities.

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