Is Black Magic More Powerful Than White Magic?

Black and white magic are interdependent on one another. It is a natural law of karma, the law of duality, and the law of the universe.

However, the energies of both the forces can overwhelm one another in different situations, moment to moment, depending on the state and intention.

They can overwhelm one another during different moments, but they will always exist together.

It is all based on the intention that determines if a force is negative or positive.
The intent is created by a desire or a natural law.

In fact, all energies start off being neutral. The line is very fine between the transition of a neutral energy into a negative or positive energy. The transition was often too quick for us to be aware of.

The Intent Creates The Form Of Energy.

Master says that there should not be a classification of black or white magic, negative or positive energies, good or bad. These words creates limitation towards a deeper understanding of the nature. It becomes non-spiritual. However, because of the “will to live well” of our nature creates all divisions.

Our will to live associates deaths, pains and sorrows as negative.

In the spiritual point of understanding. Nothing is bad or negative, and everything is virtuous in every way.

Although we may classify it, divide it, and discriminate it for a better understanding. Such division is needed because of the nature of how the intellectual part of our minds work. It is often out of our control not to discriminate or to divide. Its nature at work.

Master said, how can we know what happiness, comfort, and the beauty of life is without the deaths, pains and sorrows? We won’t know unless there was a comparison. Such comparison blossoms gratitude, higher consciousness, love and compassion. In all occurrences in life, there is a beauty to be aware of, said master.

Let’s come back to the “black and white forces”… The “intent”

Master says that intent can be further separated into 2 classification for better understanding. Being a conscious or unconscious intent. The constitution of both form of intent creates the karmic result.

For example, a driver carelessly cause an accident was an unconscious intent. He may not have the intention to hurt someone, it was an unconscious intent but it resulted in an unfortunate outcome. A person with intent to kill was unconscious too, and hence will result in unfortunate outcome. Wanting to kill someone, or to take revenge is always an unconscious intent. All unconscious intent creates unfortunate outcomes and all conscious intent creates constructive outcomes.

Unconscious intent comes only from the mind, and conscious intent comes from the heart. All actions and thoughts will bring about constructive outcomes in your life only when your heart and mind becomes totally in-sync.

The understandings need to be finely dissected.

So, which is more powerful? The dark force or the white force?
Master said it all depends on the result you want.

If a car comes charging towards you, you can either choose to quickly move away or you can quickly place another heavier and bigger object in front of you to counter the force. – You see, none of these decisions can be truly determined as good or evil force.

If a car comes charging at you. And it is 10KM away from you, the gap in between and the process may be filled with “negative force” and “filled with threat” created by an unconscious intent. And you can either move away to neutralize an outcome or to counteract with a stronger impact that may cause more chains of karmic outcomes.

And some people may ask, what about demonic energies? How to deal with it?

Any demonic energies that happen in a person or at a place are also formed out of unconscious intent. For example, a person who died unnaturally is still unconscious, the anger and resentment are imprinted onto the spirit and could linger around a place for a long time.

Experiences of a demonic energies can only happen to people whose inner energies are already in-sync with the demonic energies outside of them. Else, no demonic experiences could ever happen in one’s life. The same energy attract the same energy.

There are 3 ways to deal with such energies.

One is to consciously move away from it by looking into your own inner being through meditation, accumulate loving kindness and merits, and any demonic energies will leave you or neutralize by your inner energy.

Second is to neutralize the external force by overwhelming the demonic force. In a way, it is to “awaken” the demonic force or to overwhelm the energies with greater forces until it becomes neutralized and post no threat.

Third is to trap the energy into a vessel, bring it to a place where and work on it through prayers until it is neutralized.

So, there should not be a comparison on which form of magic is stronger. Different form is used in different situation.

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