Wheel Turning Day July 14 – Sravasti Abbey


Four Truths

In Buddha’s first teaching he described the unsatisfactory nature of our lives and the causes of our suffering.

He also explained the possibility of freedom from these sufferings and the paths to bring it about.

These Four Truths of the Aryas give us encouragement, hope, and inspiration.

In her book, Open Heart, Clear Mind, Venerable Chodron quotes Juan Mascano, Spanish academic and educator, lecturer at Cambridge University, who writes:

“The message of the Buddha is a message of joy. He found a treasure and he wants us to follow the path that leads us to the treasure. He tells man that he is in deep darkness, but he also tells him that there is a path that leads to light. He wants us to arise from a life of dreams into a higher life where man loves and does not hate, where man helps and does not hurt.

“His appeal is universal, because he appeals to reason and to the universal in us all: ‘It is you who must make the effort. The Great of the past only show the way.’ He achieved a superior harmony of vision and wisdom by placing spiritual truth to the crucial test of experience; and only experience can satisfy the mind of modern man. He wants us to watch and be awake, and he wants us to seek and to find.”

Thus we can see why Wheel Turning Day is a very auspicious occasion to engage in virtuous action!”


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