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What Is Ego?

Master Patana’s Teachings:

Ego is a mental problem, it only creates a false identity of oneself. And the identification of oneself keeps changing throughout the life. It is a mental conditioning.

Ego by itself is not a natural state born in humans. It is only a mental conditioning from one’s surrounding, wrong teachings and influences.

No child is born with ego, it is only instilled later in life by the unconscious people surrounding the child.

It is because of the susceptibility of the human minds to get influence. We get easily influenced and conditioned by any information that is received by our 5 senses.

Ego is NOT a natural state born in us, it was due to the susceptibility of the mind that the ego was instilled and hence psychologists assumed ego is a natural state born in humans.

The ego always wants to be superior but only reflects the inferiority within.

The ego looks mature on the outside but is totally immature on the inside.

The stronger the ego, the more immature the person is, and because of the state of such minds, such people become highly unreliable.

It is always irrational.

The ego is a state of unconsciousness in a human’s mind. It creates the illusions of a false self all the time. It always desires to be someone else and wants to mimic another person who may be regarded as a respectable or powerful person. It is a mental problem.

The Superego:
It criticizes, it humiliates, it discriminates, it hates, it curses, it hurts, it revenges in the disguise of a kindhearted soul. A hypocrite indeed. But it is unknown to him, he is unconscious as if in the dream; he did not know that he was asleep; he did not know it was a dream. He went on raging with the people in his dream with absolutely no idea that those people were created by himself, and all the anger and rage were all self given and self created. Do you see that happening in yourself too?

Be quick to see that and you can find your true self and truly find your true potential –

It is easy to spot as ego arises and possess you.

Watch it by the anger.

Always remember this, anger is a by-product of the ego state.
With awareness of the anger, you can find the ego and cure that disease.

With the awareness of ego, you can cure the anger.

The next time, when anger arises, stay aware and be watchful of your actions and anger, you don’t have to control your anger but stay aware of it. Because it is often triggered by your state of ego. Become all watchful what has triggered the anger. Was it an unmet expectation that leads to triggering the ego state?

Once you see it with clarity, it is easy to drop the ego entirely.

But Don’t Try To be Egoless!

Do not try dropping your ego without seeing the progression of your ego state. You must become all conscious about the state of ego, and not trying to become egoless without first seeing and experiencing your own ego. The moment you try to be egoless, the ego gets strengthen instead and it will lead you to deeper unconsciousness.

Start watching it, identify it. You will naturally drop it once you see it and realize its stupidity.

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