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  • Wealth Advancements
  • Windfall of Wealth
  • Career Advancements
  • Establishments of  Wealth Paths
  • Spiritual guidance towards Wealth

Master’s words: 
Amount of wealth advancements will depend on the amount of wealth merits one has built. If one does not have wealth merits in his karmic path, it will be impossible to advance any wealth in short time. However, master will look into your karmic path to help you first identify the root cause of your wealth problem and will give you specific advice to fix it. People who has all along been generous with others, or generous towards charity work will have accumulated sufficient wealth merits that can be advanced through master’s ritual. 

According to master’s teachings, everyone will have a chance to become a millionaire or be ultra successful, it will depend on how well you can follow master’s advice. 

All guidance will be specific based on individual’s unique karmic path. 

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