Revolutionizing Spiritual Practice.

Unconventional Spiritual Practice; Recognizing Facts

A chapter translated from teachings of Ajarn Patana.

Why spiritual practice? One may ask.

Being spiritual simply means looking inward, and be there watching your inner being, your inner self. It is just the direct opposite of psychological. Spiritual is the inner watching, psychology is the outer watching.

Only humans can be spiritual, it is because of this human body and mind that you can consciously choose to see inwardly. All other animals, insects, or living organisms do not have the capability to do so.

Being spiritual also means the practice and raising awareness towards “doing the human things” or being “truly human.”

Most of us have not achieved the 100% human state yet, we are still in the midst of a transition towards higher wisdom and knowing. And spiritual practice is the only path towards the ultimate completion of becoming truly human.

Yes, there is an “ultimate completion” most of us have not yet achieved.

However, being spiritual does not mean that we have to be depressive, poor, or abstain from all pleasures in life.

In this system, you will discover one of the fastest route towards awakening and finally being able to do so much more than you usually could, and to become a master of your own destiny towards an abundance of love and successes.

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