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Types of Amulets & How Does Amulets Help?

There are 3 main types of amulets.

Type 1 – Body Affecting Amulets (Energy Form)
Type 2 – Mind Affecting Amulets (Psychological Form)
Type 3 – Spiritual State Affecting Amulets (Spiritual Form)

Amulets can be made in 3 separate forms as above or it can be a combination of 2 or all of the forms above.

TYPE 1, Energy Type Amulet:
The energy form amulets that affect the body; alters and change one’s aura and balancing flow of body energies. It is usually consecrated by accumulating different form of energies from the nature during certain stars constellation or moon phases. Such amulets are usually made from sacred materials found in the nature, special combination of gemstones and may also consist of animals or humans’ remains/ashes/hair.

Such amulet alters via transference of energies affecting the flow of energies in the body and thus leading to a calm state of body and mind which will then lead one to make more conscious choices and could also lead one to higher spiritual wisdom.

An adept master would know how to use at least 108 different sacred materials to accumulate 108 forms of energies which can help affect 108 chakra energy points in the body. Such amulets can be very powerful to help with wealth and attraction when the energies of the body get positively affected by the energies accumulated in the amulet.

TYPE 2, Mind Affecting Type Amulet or Psychological Form
Reconstructing and creating alignment of mind and spirit via altering the state of mind. Such form of amulets are usually the non-consecrated type. They could be made out of sacred material or gemstones too. But usually does not undergo any form of sacred consecration before delivering.

However, it is usually accompanied with mantras or chants. That means wearers of such amulets were usually given a specific mantra or katha to be chanted daily. This type of amulets have great efficacies too if they are made out of sacred material and if the wearer chant with it daily. The daily chanting from the wearer will become the consecration.

Good energies can also be accumulated into the amulets if they are made of genuine sacred material. Such amulets are the most common type in the market. It is most suitable for people who are not ready for the energy based or the spiritual based types of amulets.

These amulets are usually made in images of mainstream Buddha images. It works via a psychological state and practice towards mindfulness and concentration. It is usually seen in Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism.

NOTE: This type of amulets have it’s deep wisdom behind it too, because it is understood that anything that takes form in the mind can also become real within the spiritual state and manifest into realities for the wearer if there is enough focus and deep concentration during the prayers.

So, in a way there is no such thing as real or fake amulets. Any amulets could become sacred when there is sacred image on it. (Such power comes from projected thoughts’ energies by a large group of followers who believes in the sacred image.)

Meaning to say, if a large group of people believes in a Buddha image or an image of Jesus, and projected sacred thoughts to it, the same image even if printed on a piece of paper will also have a certain energies or power. This is caused by accumulated thoughts transference. Thoughts’ energies of the same frequency will be accumulated as one and become one powerful energy source, such energies can be transferred to an item when a large group of people project same thoughts through chanting or prayers.

TYPE 3, Spiritual State Altering Amulets:
Spiritual state altering amulets works directly at the spiritual dimension. It is also one of the most powerful form of amulet or magic because it alters at the spiritual core or spiritual root which can create greater impact of change as compared to the other 2 types of amulets/magic. All black magic or white magic belongs to this category.

It was only due to the limited abilities of our physical senses, we were not able to perceive the realities outside of the 3rd dimension. The deeper understanding is that it is interdependent on other varying levels of dimensions (up to 12 dimensions) for our 3rd dimension to exist. Each dimension’s existence is interdependent on one another. Creating a change in any of the dimension will create changes in all 12 dimensions.

Through today’s science, we know that our vision can only perceive a limited spectrum of light and could only hear certain frequencies of sound. It does not mean that those images or sounds which were out of our capable range were not in existence. We just couldn’t hear or see them. Anything beyond our capable range is above or below the 3rd dimension.

There are many forms of “energies” in this space. Any actions or thoughts will create an imprint in this space. These imprints becomes “energies” (And due to the limitation of language, it is impossible to accurately elaborate anything that is beyond our 3rd dimension.)

Different forms of consciousness exist within the spiritual dimension, these are also energies too. Rituals and spirit-based amulets can alter karmic cycles within this space which causes certain changes to our reality.

It is also through the spiritual space, certain rituals can influence thoughts of another as this is space that interconnects all existences.

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