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Part of my mantras for years is that I am one with my unborn Buddha mind (from the teachings of Zen Master Bankai) and that I turn my will and my life over to its care.  And while I have indeed done that, with increasing success, over the years, anyone reading my blog will know that I have with some regularity been pulled from this path by the power of my mind.

Recently, as related in my post, “Replacing Weakness with Strength,” I identified for the first time in my 25+ years of Buddhist practice that I have felt weak in my personal relationships.   And that this weakness has caused actions that have brought on much suffering both for myself and for those dearest to me, despite all the progress I have made in walking the path.

As related in that post, i am now in the process of freeing myself from that feeling of weakness with the help of my Buddha nature, my divine essence, and the universe.  (One needs all the help one can get.)  Replacing it with the strength that is within me,

When I meditated this morning, I realized that having finally identified the central aspect of my samsara, of my false core beliefs, and intending to free myself from that perspective and asking for the help of my Buddha nature et al in doing so, that I have removed the last barrier, I think, to truly being at one with my unborn Buddha mind.   Which is to be reborn, because then one is in the state in which you were born, free of all feelings and perspectives that were acquired with life’s experiences.

Many years ago, years before I found Buddhism, I was working with someone who used the Course in Miracles to help people get over their problems.   At the end of our working together, he went through a rebirthing process with me.   But it didn’t work.   Obviously, I was not ready for that yet.

Being reborn is a valid and essential step on the spiritual path, although I had not heard it mentioned as such in any Buddhist teaching until I recently Googled it.   Unfortunately, the phrase has been given a bad name by all the Evangelicals who claim to be reborn and have a “personal” relationship with God.  But it is clear from their pronouncements and actions that they are not reborn in the sense of being at one with the divine essence, for they are full of prejudice, hatred, and pride, to name just a few of the emotions that are not reflective of divine essence.

The problem with the Evangelical process of being reborn is that they make contact with God as they have been taught he exists.   It is a God who views with skepticism if not contempt those, including other Christians, who do not accept his truths as stated in the Bible, which they view as His word and inerrant.  It is quite astounding how fervent followers of Jesus Christ can act and think in ways that are massively contrary to “what Jesus would do” as evidenced by his teachings and actions as related in the New Testament.

And so forget about all the people who go on about being reborn.   Focus instead on the core emotions and judgments that prevent you from being one with your true self, your unborn Buddha mind.   


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