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I explained in a recent post,”What’s In a Name?” why it is important in implementing your intent to lead your life in a different manner, to walk the path, to have new goals, to alter your subconscious (by turning your will and your life over to the care of your true Buddha nature) and assume a new identity, even if only to yourself.   I have  recognized my dharma name, Hanh Niêm as being my new identity.

But even as I have turned my will and my life over to the care of my true Buddha nature and see all the qualities of my true self abiding in Hanh Niêm,  and I have said, “Not me!” to my feelings and perceptions and have released all the negative energy inside me, I was aware that my old self was still hovering around me.   I wasn’t able to truly feel free of all the aspects of my old self because of that.

Then recently I watched a spiritual video which said that not only must one create a new identity, but one must bury the old one.   As soon as I heard that, it made sense to me.

And so I decided to bury the tormented soul and mind of Ronnie, my former self.   I performed a little ceremony at the local Jewish cemetery and recited the Jewish prayer for then dead.   I felt very much at peace in doing this.   And afterwards when I walked about, I said to myself that I’m Hanh Niêm, and I felt a lightness, a glow, which was different from any joy or positive feeling that I had ever felt before.


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