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We are taught that we are all born with true Buddha nature inside us, and that it remains within us throughout our lives.   I have used that truth in many ways in my practice, most importantly in defining my true self, as opposed to my ego self.

Several months ago, though, I learned of a lesson in the Course in Miracles which has magnified the import of this truth.   Lesson 50 contains the following: “You are sustained by the Love of God within you. . . .  This is the answer to whatever confronts you today.   Through the love of God within you, you can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort and in sure confidence.”  All I’ve done is replace “God” with “true Buddha nature”

What I have come to realize is that not only is my true self my true Buddha nature, but that there is something larger than my self that inhabits my body and soul.   And it plays an active role in guiding me through life.   It’s like Buddha nature takes my true self by the hand.  (Or because my true self and Buddha nature are one and the same, my true self is much larger than I had realized and plays a more active role in guiding me through life.)  Understanding that this force abides within me has become a source of deeper faith and lightness of spirit.

Recently one morning while meditating, when I recited the affirmation, “I am sustained buy the love of Buddha nature within me,” it informed my practice of opening up my heart to embrace all aspects of my being and experience, especially my trauma.   (See my posts, “The Heart’s Embrace” and “Trauma.”)

I became aware that my Buddha nature/my true self shines its light and love on my trauma points. And when it does that, in addition to healing the trauma, it dissolves, dissipates, the negative energy that has flowed from that trauma.  Such as fear, lack of faith, feeling there’s something wrong with me, feeling that I am not deserving of good fortune (the list goes on!).   

Two things.   For the first time I knew from within me that all my negative energy flowed directly from past trauma.   And by embracing my trauma, by my Buddha nature shining light and love on my trauma points, these negative energies have weakened and I am able to release that negative energy from my body.

Regardless how Buddha nature inside me is conceived,  the palpable feeling of the light of Buddha nature healing me and guiding me is beyond words.  I am very grateful for this teaching from the Course in Miracles.


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