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I once listened to a video about the power of Now.   The speaker talked about being grateful for being alive.   When I heard those words, I stopped.   Huh?  I had never had that thought in my entire life.   But I did nothing with that realization at the time.

Several years passed and I happened recently to think of that video and that phrase, and I realized again that I still have never felt that.   It has never even been part of my mantras, part of my intent.  But there was no question that this would be a beneficial intent/affirmation to include in my mantras and actually begin to feel.

Indeed, it rounds out my mantra that I embrace my life as being exactly the way it is right now; that it’s all ok, that things will work themselves out.   And that regardless what the future throws my way that i will be ok, sustained by the love of Buddha within me, and so experience peace and happiness.   I have no worries or concerns, only faith and strength.   And so I can and am grateful for being alive each moment.

As related in my post, “Joy – A Hopefully Final Take,” I offer myself joy now, not by taking joy in each moment (which is a bit too much to expect), but cherishing each moment and being grateful for being alive.   While this concept had been foreign to me, it did not seem unnatural to voice it.   And slowly, as with all my mantras, I feel I am absorbing its truth and it is replacing any negative energy that had been part of my previous daily experience.


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