The Four Noble Truths and 8 Fold Path

The Four Noble Truths

“Oh Bhikhus, there are Four Noble Facts. They are the Noble Truths of suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the course to the cessation of suffering. “As the Buddha’s first Dharma mentor, probably more than any other Buddhist mentor The 4 Noble Facts– Ariasat See straight lets us see the essential emphasis Buddha put for us to understand what suffering is, what is it that suffers, and why. This declaration by the Buddha states a good deal about The Four Noble Truths:

“All I teach is suffering and the end of suffering.”

When Buddha first set in motion The Wheel of Dharma he talked about The Four Noble Realities, “Noble” because they are the most easy yet profound of all Dharma mentors. The very first 3 Noble Truths, state that suffering exists, there is a cause and that we can eliminate that cause. Whereas, the 4th Noble Truth, The 8 Fold Path sums up the main Middle Path viewpoint of the Buddha Dharma to remove the reason for suffering, to remove suffering, while thoroughly understanding it and knowing how to prevent its developing.

The First Noble Truth states that all living beings suffer. Let’s stop for a minute and contemplate what suffering means. Everyone will have their own personal experience of suffering. To me suffering is feeling caught, mentally blocked, negative, stuck primarily in the mind which engages the body and spirit to be stuck also.

2 preferred quotes that expresses distressing suffering and how to approach it, are from Viktor E. Frankl, who describes the time he remained in a German concentration camp in his book Man’s Search for Suggesting:

“… That someone looks down on each of us in hard hours– a friend, a wife, someone alive or dead, or a God– and he would not expect us to disappoint him. He would hope to discover us suffering proudly– not badly– understanding how to pass away.”


“I consider it a hazardous mistaken belief of psychological hygiene to assume that what male needs in the very first location is equilibrium or, as it is employed biology, “homeostasis,” i.e., a tensionless state. What man in fact requires is not a tensionless state but rather the making every effort and having a hard time for a rewarding objective, an easily chosen task.”

Nelson Mandala, who was put in prison for 27 years for trying to overthrow the Apartheid government composed:

“Our human compassion binds us one to the other– not in pity or in patronizingly, but as humans who have actually learned how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.”

It was specified that Mr. Mandela endured in prison due to two reasons. One, because of the community of fellow political prisoners he was a part of, who all stood for the very same cause. And two, due to his genuine absence of individual displeasure toward any of those who were in charge of his jail time.

Anne Frank, concealed from the Germans within a “Secret Annex”, when they inhabited The Netherlands throughout WWII from 1942 to 1944. In The Journal of a Girl, she documents her time in hiding:

“I see the world being slowly changed into a wilderness; I hear the approaching thunder that will one day destroy us too. I see the suffering of millions. But yet when I look up at the sky I somehow feel that whatever will alter for the much better, that this ruthlessness too shall end, the peace and harmony will return again.”

What Are the Three Kinds of Suffering?

What Is Suffering?

It was just a couple of weeks after Anne’s death that Bergen-Belsen, the jail camp she was in, was liberated by the allied forces.

The 2nd Noble Fact states that there is a cause to suffering. There is a reason that living beings suffer. Suffering doesn’t simply fall from the sky, it can’t just be enforced upon you … or can it?

The Third Noble Truth states that there is a way to relieve the reason for suffering, and the suffering will end.

The Fourth Noble Fact is the path out of suffering. This is The 8 Fold Path as discussed in among the next areas.

Initially when someone decides to fast they want to clean the body, open the mind and wish to make a significant change in their life. Many times an individual is hanging on to a violent practice, a poisonous way of life, and in turn, a toxic mind. Many people who pertain to Dharma Recovery are suffering for various factors. In each case, the individual cleanses and grieves, purging years of contaminants that have actually changed into deep physical and psychological pain. Amazingly, at the end of a fast while welcoming a vision toward a much better life, exceptional benefits are plentiful on how to avoid suffering or heal it quickly before it has time to penetrate awareness of body and mind.

The Eightfold Path/Mak Mee Ong Paat

The 8 Fold Path is 8 parts of one path. The path is a guide to a delighted, truthful, harmless and cheerful lifestyle towards knowledge. It is highlights the Middle Path toward freedom. The parts are:

Right Intention/Saa Ma Thit Thi– RightDirection/Sam Ma Sang Goo Pa– Right Speech/Sam Ma Wa Ja– Right Action/Sam Ma Gam Man—- Right Livelihood/Sam Ma Chee Wa– Right Effort/Sam Ma Wa Ya Ma– Right Mindfulness/Sam Ma Sa Dti– Right Meditation/Sam Ma Sa Ma Thi The parts are typically gotten into three groups that make them moreuseful for day-to-day consideration: Knowledge Right Understanding/Intention The light bulb goes on in your head; you”understand”what holds true, what is Right; there is enthusiasm. Right Thought/Direction Understanding determines the Right instructions to go in– it is rather clear

and figured out. Meditation Right Effort Putting an identified energy into great endeavors.Right Mindfulness Being presentnow– there is no other reality. Right Meditation Being present enables the mind to be empty, to concentrate on breath and observe itself. MoralityRight SpeechSpeaking only the truth, never ever lying, swearing or shrieking. Right Action Acting selflessly, constructively, and harmlessly to all living beings(including yourself). Right Livelihood Choosing an income that permits you to follow your heart that assists others, on acourse towards freedom and enlightenment. Source

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