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The Ego That Controls Your Destiny.

Take all awareness to the state of your Ego. Be watchful right at this moment, those thoughts and chattering that arise within your mind.

Be all watchful during your next conversation with a friend. Become a watcher of your own conversation and be watchful of how the ego always wants to be superior to others.

The ego chatters: “I am the smartest, I am the superior, others are stupid, others are wrong, I’ve made the best choice, others have made bad choices in their lives, I am the best person in the world, I am the kindest and I am full of compassion, no one is as good and as compassionate as me, others are full of ego and I am egoless, I am the most humble person,….”

When the ego cannot outsmart others, it gets angry, and verbal insults, and violence follow.

The ego always needs to look cleverest. Don’t ever challenge an egoistic person or you will be destroyed. Because ego has to destroy when it cannot outsmart or be better than others. It rises by bringing others down.

Even many enlightened saints and sages in history were destroyed and killed by the egoists.

The ego finds fault in others, destroys, humiliates and insults in order to rise.

It is only a neurotic process. It controls your destiny.

Be all watchful if these are happening within yourself. Yet do not choose to become egoless, simply be watchful of the state of mind and ego will lose its energy and start realizing its own stupidity. Watch as it arise, you would laugh at how the ego has been controlling your mind all these while.

Have a good laugh at it.

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