The Buddha Explained His Teachings To A Young Man– but in

One day a young man came to see the Buddha and asked him to discuss his teachings but in easy terms.The Buddha

: Do you have a son?Young Man:

Yes, I do.The Buddha: Does your bro have a son?Young Guy: Yes, he does.The Buddha: Do your neighbors have a son?Young Guy:

Yes, they do.The Buddha: Do the individuals not understood to

you personally have sons?Young Guy: Yes, they do lord.The Buddha: Well, then

tell me if your son passes away, how unfortunate will you

be?Young Male: Venerable sir, I would feel incredibly sad, I would not be able to bear that news. I would feel , that my entire world had actually

collapsed, I can not imagine whether I might make it through.The Buddha: If your sibling’s boy passes away, how unfortunate will you feel?Young Guy: Sir, I would feel ravaged, however not to the extent if my own kid dies.The Buddha: If your next-door neighbor’s child dies, how sad will you feel?Young Man: Lord, I would feel some sadness

, but not to the degree if my sibling’s boy dies.The Buddha: If the boy of a person not understood to you personally passes away , how unfortunate will you feel?Young Man: I would not feel any sadness.The Buddha: Then the degree of the unhappiness

is relative, to your what.After thinking for a moment the young

male responded Boy: Sir, the level of unhappiness is relative to the level, to which I hold the sadness, is’me’

or’ my own’? The Buddha: Extremely well, when you took your child to the beach, did he not play with sandcastles?Young Guy: Yes, he

did The Buddha: when the ocean waves broke the sandcastles

, did your boy cry?Young Guy: Yes, he did.The Buddha: did you weep too?Young Male:

I did not.The Buddha: Why did you not cry?Young Guy: Sir, the child sobs because he thinks the castle is quite and permanent.The Buddha: Thus, he is attached to it. I understood the sandcastle is not

permanent. So I did notweep when

the waves broke it down.The Buddha: Now you understand right. If you do not see the truth as it is,

you will keep going through this unlimited

samsara. There is nodistinction in between kids who cry when their sandcastles are swept by the waves and

you, you see in life; in your life.The Buddha taught about non-attachment, absolutely nothing in this world is long-termIf you connect yourself to something or someone. You also need to deal with the effects once

the things or individuals you like and love leave you. we suffer since we connect ourselves to external

things, which , in essence,are beyond our control.By doing this, we actually withstand the fundamental truth about existence: Modification is the only constant.Non– accessory doesn’t suggest you

have to leave everything behind and begin practicing meditation alone. Yes, some Buddhist monks do that. But I understand none of you are not going to do that. We have to do our jobs, total our degrees, look after our children, look after our parents, and a lot more. We are bounded by lots of obligations. So, how can you be not– attached to something or someone?Think about having a child. You look after your kid and you teach great and bad. Even you find your child a much better college. Then, you expect him to be an engineer, accounting professional, or a business person. If you are residing in an Asian nation your moms and dads constantly want you to be a doctor or an engineer.But can you anticipate your child to be the one you desired? Will he end up being the one you wanted him to be? Certainly not. He may end up being an accounting professional, however not the accounting professional you desired.

This is where you start to suffer out of disappointment.Now let me ask you a concern. What if you chose to do everything you might for your kid without any of those expectations. I understand, it does not sound authentic. But if you did that, there’s absolutely nothing for you to suffer, due to the fact that you have actually done whatever you could. You can peacefully accept everything.In other words, the key is to have a deep appreciation for what’s taking place ‘in the moment ‘while acknowledging its impermanence and determination to let it go.Youth and looks fade with time, individuals we enjoy will vanish, our success– well even the understanding is not consistent. Knowledge modifications with brand-new experiments, brand-new theories. Everything– will end one day.This is the trick that buddha understood. And therefore the only true method can be is non-attachment.

Whatever else would be an impression. What you make out of your impression is simply approximately you, and the method you see your life.Finally, I price quote the Buddha: The great renounce accessory for everything. The virtuous do not prattle with a yearning for satisfaction. The smart show no elation or anxiety when touched by joy or sadness.– from Dhammapada Source

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