Review of WINTER INTO SPRING by Liz Unser

[ad_1] As most of the world has just entered the warmest seasons of summer or monsoon, depending on where you live, it feels like it’s time to offer Buddhist Fiction Blog readers ideas for summer reading. Following the theme of seasons, Winter Into Spring by Liz Unser (2020) fits this bill. At just over 325 […]

United Sherpa Association – Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

[ad_1] Nothing is long-term, so whatever is valuable. Here’s a choice of some happenings– short lived or otherwise– in the Buddhist world today. Queens Temple Provides Fresh Food and PPE to Community The United Sherpa Association, a Buddhist temple and recreation center in the New York City district of Queens, has actually been a lifeline […]

Review of ‘Why Buddhism is True’

[ad_1] Here’s a nice review of Robert Wright’s Why Buddhism is True by Adam Frank. I haven’t read the book yet, but judging from the review it seems to take a more self-conscious about the selective appropriation of Buddhist contemplative traditions in ‘the West’ than is often the case. To his credit, Wright is more than cognizant […]

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