Embrace Communist rule, China tells Tibet on 70th anniversary of invasion | Tibet

[ad_1] All Tibetans should embrace Communist party rule and share the “cultural symbols and images of the Chinese nation”, a senior Chinese official has said at an event celebrating 70 years since the People’s Liberation Army invaded Tibet. Wang Yang, a member of the politburo standing committee, China’s most powerful political body, made the remarks […]

Tibet and China clash over next reincarnation of the Dalai Lama | Dalai Lama

[ad_1] A couple of years ago, during a meeting of Tibetan leaders in Dharamshala in India, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, was asked about his reincarnation. Addressing the room of monks, religious teachers and Tibetan politicians, the Dalai Lama asked them to look into his eyes. “Do you think it’s time now?” he asked. […]

Yak politics: Tibetans’ vegetarian predicament in the middle of China meat boom|China

[ad_1] F ormer free-roaming wanderers now mainly transplanted in rows of sun-baked block homes in Tibet are dealing with a battle for their identity, their cultural and spiritual practices– and even their stomachs. These yak-tending herders have actually constantly consumed meat. In addition to the milk, cheese and butter they originated from yaks, meat was […]

dhamma musings: Christianity Burgeoning in China

[ad_1] Although the Chinese Communist Party is officially atheist, the country’s constitution allows “freedom of religious belief,” and the practice of formal religion has expanded in China, in fits and starts, for decades. The number of Chinese professing Christianity, in particular — estimated at more than 70 million — is rising so dramatically that, by some […]

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