Deity Yoga: Science or Superstition? Vajrayana Deity Meditation Proves Invaluable in Preventing Cognitive Disorders. In What Other Ways is Vajrayana Buddhist Deity Practice More Science than Religion?

[ad_1] Deity Yoga in Tibetan Buddhism is very often misunderstood. In apparent contradiction to the implied meaning of “deity” — which is really a mistranslation of the Sanskrit “deva” — there might, in fact, be more science than superstition to the practices of deities. It’s a ridiculous notion, I know, but one I hope to […]

Buddhist Literary Festival Canada 2021

[ad_1] Buddhist Fiction Blog This blog was created for readers of Buddhist Fiction and, hopefully, will serve as space to share thoughts about books and short stories of Buddhist Fiction, or even about the very idea that a grouping of popular fiction novels and short stories can be labeled Buddhist Fiction. Below is a list […]

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