Stream 4 – The illusion of the ego by Secular Buddhism


4 - The illusion of the ego
This episode explores the topic of the ego. What is ego? What part of me is really me? When we view ourselves and others as independent and permanent, we tend to view ourselves as finished products rather than works in progress. The reality is that the sense of self is an illusion, we are impermanent and interdependent.

Terrific podcast. Well done. Learning so much from you as you make it practical and easy to understad. Thank you so much Noah!

Wonderful talk, finally an explanation of non-self that makes sense to me 🙂

Me recuerda a una clase con el profesor Norbert 🙃

thank you for the time you take to do these podcasts.

I appreciate how you explain that the ego is an illusion.

Thank you for a truly mind blowing concept. I have chills.

I greatly enjoyed you podcasts so far. I’ve recently found passion in buddhism and have decided to delve in. in the last week I have discovered your podcast and started to listen from the beginning, and so far i’ve loved and appreciated wach one, but this one struck a stong chord with me. I have long wondered why the people of the world look at each other and identify them with one trait, belief, race, etc. It greatly disappoints me that this comes to a head and that others find reasons to hate because they see another human being as something other than just that. I really enjoyed your comparison of this phenomena to the tree you saw on your hike, what a great way to explain it! Any way, thank you so much for this podcast, it has already helped me so much with stepping into this new path. you will surely hear more from me again 🙂


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