Stream 144 – The Game Of Emotions by Secular Buddhism


144 - The Game Of Emotions
In this podcast episode, I will share some thoughts around the idea that we can change our relationship to our emotions by pretending that we’re playing a game where the goal is to experience the full range of possible emotions.

Listening to this makes me think about the emotions I’ve been experiencing. Which emotions have the most ticks checked beside them, which not so much? Am I missing a full human experience cuz of that, or is that just how I’m wired?

Celebrating my emotions as an expression of clinging to illusory desires. Interesting. Altho I suppose celebrating emotions instead of clinging to the notion that a different response should have occurred, could be refreshing.

I will practice not disliking anything.

I’m willing to practice not averting from and/or habitually reacting to my irritation, anger, sadness, concepts, and beliefs.


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