Stream 10 – True Selflessness by Secular Buddhism


10 - True Selflessness
What does it mean to be selfless? In Gyomay Kubose’s essay on selflessness he mentions that “Buddhism is the way of selflessness”, but what does that really mean? In this episode, I will explore the topic of selflessness and how our sense of self is always relative. Understanding relative existence and interdependence is the key to living life in a state of selflessness. When you put your whole life into something…that is the essense of being selfless.

Clever way to explain the interdependence of self and group identification

This podcast continues to get better and better. I am so excited to continue this journey

Noah your words are so profound but I had to pause and breathe when you stated this country did not exist 250 years ago. Please think about your words.

Congratulations and that was two years ago!

Hi Noah, I loved this topic, but i’m struggling to find an accurate translation for selflesness in Spanish. I understand the concept, I just can’t find a word. As you said you have a Mexican background, I wonder if you could help me find it. I would really appreciate it. I love your podcast and I’m going through it in order. Greatings from Colombia.


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