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Stop Thinking Positive

Master Patana’s Teachings:

You may be totally confused when I said to stop thinking positive. Many masters or teachers would teach you to think positive about situations or people around you.

Some people even paid money to let experts teach about how to think positive. But little did they know that by telling you to think positive, they have unknowingly suggested all the negative thoughts and comparisons in your mind; it is within that deeper mind.

Because it is all duality. It is repression. It would be the same as telling you not to think of sex. It represses you, and the more you will think about sex.  Such teachings won’t make you positive, it makes you a hypocrite. The harder you train on this, the more hypocrite you become. 

You must first understand that everything is duality. You will see light only when you know the existence of darkness. Else, there will be no light. You will know about silence because you heard a sound. A deaf person would not know the sound. Silence is all a deaf person knew.

Sound is only knowledge to a deaf person, it is not knowing. Knowing and Knowledge are 2 different things. You know that salt tasted salty only after you have tasted it. Else, it would only be knowledge. It is important to separate these two. Almost everything is a duality in existence. When there is duality, it exists at the same time. You cannot separate the two, it happens at the same moment.

The reason why you have heard so much about positive thinking, teachings about “thinking about the bright side of life” it’s because it has been for generations people still could not leave behind their animalistic minds. This animalistic mind is always in the survival mode, the hunting mode, and predator mode, making up all reasons within itself to protect itself from threats.

It became all-natural for any human beings to first make negative assumptions of others and of any situations, because of the animalistic survival mode mind. An animalistic mind is where karma all begins, and our rebirth cycle is to reduce, purify this part of our mind so that the cycle of rebirth will seize entirely. 

Today, I am telling you to stop thinking positive. Don’t let positive thinking or negative thinking become a choice at all in certain situations.

If you ever said you chose to think positive, you have already made a negative assumption at the back of your mind. Else, there should be no mention of ‘choosing’ to think positive thinking at all. Because it is duality.

In certain situations in life, question yourself if it is really that important to even to make assumptions of others or situations? Else ignore them. When I said ignore certain situations, that means do not give any judgement yet, simply watch it like a movie. Let your thoughts be at the moment of the situation.  Let that positive mind be a natural part of you and not a choice. 

Having a positive mindset at work is the same. It should not be a choice to have that positive mindset. When you are at work, simply enjoy the moment of work, enjoy every part of your work, make your work a passion, and a positive mind at work is naturally a by-product, and no longer a choice.  

As you practice this, positivity will become a natural part of you and seized to become a choice in certain situations in life.

Never let every single situation in life filled with any tincture of negativity by trying hard to think positive! And you will seize to become a hypocrite. 

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