SOUL POWER– The 5 Noble Truths

# 1 I AM EFFECTIVE It is essential that you understand the power that is within you. I am not discussing your physical strength or perhaps your mental powers, but rather the essence of your being– you as a spirit soul

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# 2 I AM PROTECTED Every living being in this world is part and parcel of the Supreme. We are basically all part of a universal family of life. We are God-like and are never ever alone, so there is no question of insecurity.

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# 3 I AM IDEAL Something is definitely real: there will never be anyone exactly like you. We are all special people. Simply as charity starts in your home, love should also begin with loving your Self. If we can not like our Self, how can we possibly love somebody else?

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# 4 I AM PRASADAM The Hindu concept of prasadam is associated with grace or mercy– or that which is unconditionally manifest by divine providence. By definition, therefore, we too should be prasadam, for our very manifestation was an act of genuine love.

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# 5 I AM THRIVING Thoughts are things that penetrate and feed the production of the world around us. An obvious Law of Tourist attraction seems to underlie every action and reaction in this universe. As you think, you are literally putting down the foundation of your truth.

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Sensations of mediocrity or failure are

all signs of incorrect ego– a false identification with your outer shell, the form. SOUL POWER is here to set you devoid of the illusory shackles

developed by a naughty mind. In this book, you will learn the five worthy realities to understanding your inherent achievement and how to dominate all feelings of insufficiency. Part of the obstacle of integrating a positive outlook on life is the requirement to first reprogram the mind to respond in such a way that is beneficial to your wanted goal. For too long, we have enabled our minds to be polluted by the self-centered desires of corporations and their incorrect advertising. As a result, we now discover that corporate marketing messages have actually ended up being an important part of language and culture. You have more power than you may realize! The primary step on the path of self-empowerment is to keep track of the activities of our stubborn minds

. Take the time to observe your instinctive reactions to info and the experiences that unfold around you and objectively choose if those responses are preferable or not. More than likely, they are not desirable and probably causing you unnecessary suffering and hardship. When you make the effort to shut down the false programs inside your mind and any unfavorable impacts originating from the outdoors by repeatedly verifying your soul sparkle through soul affirmations,

you will quickly find simply how enslaved you had actually allowed your true Self to end up being. I guarantee you, the details in this book will transform your life! SOUL POWER likewise includes special affirmation yantras to assist in your meditation, all of which have actually been mathematically mapped to the most

unified magic square of the Sun! In this well composed and remarkable book

Paul Rodney Turner presents us to 5 life-changing realities about who and what we truly are … By deeply contemplating these truths about the self, along with the yantras, you will definitely

become empowered to satisfy your life goals, and experience an extensive and lasting peace and inner happiness.Krishna Dharma, Author of Mahabharata: The Best Spiritual Impressive of All Time I definitely like this book! Considering that I started reading this book a number of weeks back, it has not left my nightstand. I have really felt the physical modifications of viewing the yantras. It is now something I continue my nightstand, and look

at practically every night. The book is effective, compelling and empowering. Wonderfully composed, it is a must

if you are trying to find a brand-new method to develop a greater level of self confidence and get in touch with yourself on a much greater level. Thank you Paul!Dianna Hall This book is easy to read and deals directly with the important questions of our spiritual presence. It is a kind of handbook for” favorable thinking”, but not to become just another egotist. It has to do with acknowledging ourselves as eternal spiritual beings, recognizing the Supreme Spiritual Being that is linking all of us, and the delight of sharing with other spiritual beings. An outstanding book to begin a brand-new year!Philippe Rabe Get your copy today! Our spiritual journey is a very individual one, for no 2 individuals really walk the exact same course– even those within the exact same religious community. As the stating goes: you need to “fly your own plane,”on the course of righteousness. So, bon trip. I provide these five noble realities to you with love. Paul Rodney Turner Source

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