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One-of-a-Kind 2001 Powerful, Potent Energies Old Tao Wessuwan - Wealth Fetching, Increase Psychic Ability, Ward off Negative Force, Exorcism.

Item code: Tao Wessuwan Statue 2001 Item Code:_17568


This 8-inch tall, 1.3-kilogram statue of Tao Wessuwan is a limited edition artifact, one of only 99 created during the Thai years 2544-2545. It’s an amalgamation of high craftsmanship and spiritual intensity, made from soil sourced from nine revered temples and embellished with genuine blue sapphires and rubies. Additionally, it contains 108 sacred materials and rare precious stones tucked underneath, serving as conduits for spiritual energies. Over the years, the statue has been consecrated by veteran spiritual masters during ceremonies aligned with celestial events like full moons and eclipses, most recently the Super Blue Moon of 2023.

Spiritual Features:

  • Wealth Fetching
  • Psychic Augmentation
  • Guarding Against Black Magic
  • Life Path Transformation
  • Energy Neutralization

Tao Wessuwan, the figure it represents, is a guardian deity in Thai folklore and Buddhism, revered for his power to protect against evil spirits and energies. Owning this statue isn’t just acquiring an artifact; it’s entering into a spiritual contract. Its physical weight symbolizes its metaphysical gravitas, making it not just an object, but a transformative force in one’s spiritual journey. Once owned, parting with this compelling piece becomes almost unthinkable due to its extraordinary powers and the symbiotic relationship it forms with its possessor.

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