Sanaeh Mahalap  Extreme Powerful Money Luck and Love Attraction. 

Old Kumantong – Sanaeh Mahalap
Extreme Powerful Money Luck and Love Attraction.
Powerful to bring love energies and strong money luck.

Powerful Kumantong – With Prai Kuman powder
Extremely Powerful Guaranteed By Ajarn Patana
Bind and Alter 3 spiritual dimension of one’s karmic path
Consecrated in 2002 – made with very old sacred materials and cemetery soil and ashes.

Highly recommended for love attraction and wealth, bring back old love and bring good people to assist you.
With 9 cemetery soil, hair and ashes, sacred wood, holy flowers and holy incense ashes from master’s spirit house. These holy sacred items can bring about wealth opportunities and attract wealth. Gives owner strong intuition towards wealth. It cleanse one’s aura and neutralizes negative effects of past karma at 3 spiritual wealth dimensions.

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