Rare Triple Gems Spiritual Consciousness and Higher Dimensions’ Guidance


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Out of stock!

This is a rare collection of 3 amulets consecrated through 9 full moons and eclipses rituals. It is powerful for channeling spiritual energies from the stars constellations. This aid in increasing one’s spiritual consciousness, receive spiritual guidance and towards awakening.

With sacred materials,  ashes of meteorites/sacred iron, relics, precious gems, genuine rubies, garnets and sapphires.

It is recommended to be placed in the living room or sacred/meditation room of your home. Strong and powerful energies will be channeled into the room that will give postive effects to all members living in the home.

Protect all members from any forms of spiritual attacks.
Increases spiritual consciousness for all members at home. 
Create a stable spiritual energy for the home. 
Improve love and relationship at home.
Never be poor. 
Reduces past karmic issues. 
Brings new wealth opportunities to the family. 
Guide and Channel Energies of Wisdom. 
Bring good support and love from others. 

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How soon will I be seeing results?
Master often said, results from the higher spiritual realm can come in every form and they are often beyond how your mind could perceive. Because your mind could only perceive and expect events you have experienced before in your life. Else, your mind would not be able to even think about it. So, master said don’t ever set any expectations on how great things could happen or you may miss out a million opportunities that come your way. Expectations would only create more fears deep within you which blocks you further from seeing the opportunities that came.

Simply have the full faith that the spirits are there to give you protection and guidance in every possible ways. Simply be meditative and you will notice that guidance will surface every moment. And master says that simply work on the spiritual richness within yourself, and you will experience the abundance and richness in every way in your reality. All that you could think of, will be given.

$390.00Free shipping!

Out of stock!

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