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Radiant Resonance Bracelet Item Code: 17536

Item code: Radiant Resonance Bracelet Item Code:_17536


This unique, minimalist bracelet is crafted from rare Dumortierite Quartz, grounding Onyx Beads, and energizing Lava Beads, making it an ideal companion for meditators. It has been meticulously consecrated through solar and lunar eclipses, as well as full and new moon rituals throughout 2022, serving as a powerful conduit for spiritual energies. The bracelet amplifies your intent and attracts wealth, owing to the scarcity and special properties of Dumortierite Quartz. Meditating with it aligns your thoughts with its energies, opening you up to greater receptivity. It also harmonizes with multiple chakras, notably the third eye, root, and solar plexus, offering a holistic spiritual experience. Limited in availability, this bracelet is not just an accessory but a tool for personal transformation.

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