Prai Kuman Dood Rok – Wealth, Fame and Success Manifestation

Prai Kuman Dood Rok - Wealth, Fame and Success Manifestation

Very Strong Spiritual Powers, Will Assist To Manifest From The 6th Dimension

Consecrated since 2007, remake into new wood box and then re-consecrated again in 2018.
Consecrated through new moon and full moon rituals.

*With Genuine Precious Gemstones Inside. 
Blue Sapphires, Rubies, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Diamonds. 
Gemstones are consecrated for energy field regeneration which will positively affect the owner and assist in raising spiritual consciousness and assist in activating the third eye.

Powerful Kumantong – Prai Kuman Dood Rok
Extremely Powerful Guaranteed By Ajarn Patana
Bind and Alter 3 spiritual dimension of one’s karmic path
(Made in Buddhist Year 2007)

Highly recommended for relationship karma, wealth advancement, increase charisma and fame.
Stuffed with 100+ holy items made into sacred oil, attraction oil, herbs, 9 cemetery soil, ashes and gemstones that will cleanse one’s aura and neutralize negative effects of past karma at 3 spiritual dimensions.

Accesses 6th dimension and beyond.

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