Powerful Phra Ngan 60 Full Moon – Style 5


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Black Magic Mountain Spirit Powerful Phra Ngan – Completed  60 Full Moons Rituals. 


This is a well-known magic of Khmer Cambodia. Phra ngang is known for extremely powerful for attraction, love, wealth and success. This is suitable for anyone in business, sales and to help attract love.

 Phra Ngang was a friend and disciple of the Buddha who during his life had a big problem to meditate in peace because it was so beautiful that many women came to offer him although he was a monk. He then engaged in solitary meditation practice and wished to lose his beauty so that he could practice the Dharma for the good of all sentient beings and then changed into a kind of hideous dwarf with red eyes and big ears. Beings throughout his life in this weird form, he was teaching the Dharma to the poor in the villages, and at his death, he vowed to help those who wear his effigy.

Phra Ngang would be the ghost of a great Warrior, dead in battle protecting his family and determined to protect all those who pray him. He would thus have reached the level of a Deva and could manifest himself through his images (statues and amulets)

Phra Ngang amulets were very primitive Buddha amulets (Phra Chai), worn by some fighters during the battles of Ayuthaya period. After the battles, the monk would come, collect the bodies and find those amulets, often with their top bent and with their eyes caked in blood. It was decided to transfer the spirit of those dead warriors into the amulets so that they could amend for their sin and accumulate merits by helping the wearer of the amulet for a period of time. 

All master’s Phra Ngang is made with ashes and soil of sacred mountains of northern Thailand and Cambodia.

How soon will I be seeing results?
Master often said, results from the higher spiritual realm can come in every form and they are often beyond how your mind could perceive. Because your mind could only perceive and expect events you have experienced before in your life. Else, your mind would not be able to even think about it. So, master said don’t ever set any expectations on how great things could happen or you may miss out a million opportunities that come your way. Expectations would only create more fears deep within you which blocks you further from seeing the opportunities that came.

Simply have the full faith that the spirits are there to give you protection and guidance in every possible ways. Simply be meditative and you will notice that guidance will surface every moment. And master says that simply work on the spiritual richness within yourself, and you will experience the abundance and richness in every way in your reality. All that you could think of, will be given.

Suggested price: $99.00Free shipping!

Out of stock!

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