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Phra Trimurti - Love & Family Harmony and Unity. Consecrated Through 9 Full Moons.

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The Trimurti Statue, a spiritual nexus crafted to amplify love, strengthen relationships, and foster family unity, is consecrated through nine cycles of full moons and new moons. Meditating with this artifact can deepen your spiritual connection, while offerings of jasmine flowers, roses, water, fruits, or incense magnify its potent energies. Precious gemstones embedded in the statue serve as conduits for additional spiritual power.

Key Features:

  • Love Magnetism: Draws love energies into your life.
  • Relationship Fortifier: Enhances spiritual bonds in relationships.
  • Family Harmony: Fosters unity and respect among family members.
  • Lunar Consecration: Nine full and new moon cycles provide celestial potency.
  • Spiritual Energy Radiance: Radiates spiritual energies, filling your home with love and unity.
  • Gemstone Conduits: Amplifies spiritual resonance through precious stones.
  • Meditative Symbiosis: Meditating with the statue boosts its and your spiritual energies.
  • Floral Catalyst: Offering jasmine or roses enhances love vibrations.
  • Basic Offerings: Water, fruits, or incense further reinforce the statue’s spiritual resonance.

By incorporating meditation and offerings into your interaction with the Trimurti Statue, you activate its fullest potential, transforming your home into a sanctified space where love and unity are ever-present. This celestial artifact is an intricate blend of lunar magic, gemstone alchemy, and spiritual tradition.

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