Phra Rahu Karmic Clearance, Wealth Attraction


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Strong Energy Phra Rahu For Karmic Cleansing, Wealth & Black Magic Protection. Special Limited Edition – Gemstone Phra Rahu

Special Binding Ritual will be performed before shipping.
Full Name and Birthdate required.

Anyone who is praying to Master Patana’s Phra Rahu must address Phra Rahu as “Father” A special binding ritual is performed for this. Phra Rahu must be addressed as Father, he will take care of his sons or daughters through this special binding ritual.

This batch of Phra Rahu has been through 12 New Moon and Full Moon ritual. It has accumulated great energies of the Solar and Lunar Energies.

Stuffed underneath are 8 types of precious gemstones – Sapphires, Rubies, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Meteorite, Moonstone, SunStone, Hematite – This is the optimum gemstones combination for making of powerful Rahu.

Owners of this limited batch are guaranteed to experience a change in destiny. Following proper rituals and instructions religiously, followers of this Phra Rahu will not suffer from any financial struggles.

Excellent for boosting luck, changing bad luck into good, warding off enemies, backstabbers and deflection of all danger.

In Thai astrology, Rahu has influenced individuals to do negative things in their minds without being reluctant, likewise drives people right into difficult situations that can not be stayed clear of. Those who have been possessed by Rahu will certainly need careful mind as well as take into consideration all their steps of life. Thais believe that paying respect to Rahu will certainly assist them prevent an unavoidable scenario or perhaps stop it.

How soon will I be seeing results?
Master often said, results from the higher spiritual realm can come in every form and they are often beyond how your mind could perceive. Because your mind could only perceive and expect events you have experienced before in your life. Else, your mind would not be able to even think about it. So, master said don’t ever set any expectations on how great things could happen or you may miss out a million opportunities that come your way. Expectations would only create more fears deep within you which blocks you further from seeing the opportunities that came.

Simply have the full faith that the spirits are there to give you protection and guidance in every possible ways. Simply be meditative and you will notice that guidance will surface every moment. And master says that simply work on the spiritual richness within yourself, and you will experience the abundance and richness in every way in your reality. All that you could think of, will be given.

Suggested price: $390.00Free shipping!

Out of stock!

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