Phra Pirab – Yaksha To Protect Against Black Magic and Bestow Prosperity and Wealth


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Phra Pirab – Yaksha To Protect Against Black Magic and Bestow Prosperity and Wealth

One of Shiva’s gods is represented by Phra Pirap. like the Kali Goddess and Uma Buddha, is a fierce incarnation. He is regarded as a deity of battle. , a God of Death. In addition, it is revered as a god that exterminates spirits. Negate all of your occult black magic spells and other harmful black magic, and ask the Giver of Life to bestow pleasure and wealth.  He possesses the ability to dispel bad energy, dark magic, and all forms of evil spirits. All threats won’t affect you. Healthy Without any sicknesses, you’ll be protected even if a calamity occurs during the period of your horoscope. Phra Pirab also bring happiness and ward away dangers , wash away sickness, turn bad luck into good luck.

Statue is stuffed with sacred materials of ashes, 9 tyypes of sacred poweder, grains of gemstones (sapphires, rubies)
Consecrated during full moon day and eclipse.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE ABOUT THIS PURCHASE!! Please note that approval and license from The Fine Arts Dept of Thailand is required to export this item, the process will take approximately 2-3 weeks  for the department to approve. (We will take care of all exporting matters, documents and licenses to ship to your country. We need you to understand and be patient about the waiting time could take up to a total of 3-4 weeks to reach you as the waiting time include consecration, export licensing and shipping.)  

PRODUCT GENUINITY: (Note that all items made of sacred iron is unique only to our site, the materials are mixed with different sacred materials, and also ruby sapphires. It is not industrialized product made in huge bulk. Some identical products were seen and sold as sacred iron ore, please note that they are not the same material as what is described here, and consecration is different too.)


How soon will I be seeing results?
Master often said, results from the higher spiritual realm can come in every form and they are often beyond how your mind could perceive. Because your mind could only perceive and expect events you have experienced before in your life. Else, your mind would not be able to even think about it. So, master said don’t ever set any expectations on how great things could happen or you may miss out a million opportunities that come your way. Expectations would only create more fears deep within you which blocks you further from seeing the opportunities that came.

Simply have the full faith that the spirits are there to give you protection and guidance in every possible ways. Simply be meditative and you will notice that guidance will surface every moment. And master says that simply work on the spiritual richness within yourself, and you will experience the abundance and richness in every way in your reality. All that you could think of, will be given.

$199.00Free shipping!

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