Phra Pidta Special Sacred Powder – Gold Takrut – Remove Obstacles, Raises Spiritual Consciousness, Wealth and Success.


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Remove Obstacles and Bring Upon Positive Changes in Your Karmic Path

Total made: 59 pieces in 2540

Completed 20 years of full moon and new moon merits and moon energies.

Made with 99 types of sacred materials – Sacred ancient temples soil, sacred flowers, bones and ashes from cremation grounds, sacred wood and many more. Please also note that every combination of sacred material is unique to each type of amulet. (The 99 types of material in phra somdej and phra pidta are different.)

– Remove obstacles and bring new opportunities
– Repel negative energies and forces
– Bring upon good success for business owners
– Raising spiritual consciousness
– Wealth and luck changes
– Unexpected windfall of wealth
– Increases charm and good relationship with people

Phra Pidta Amulet consists of “Phra” means monk, “Pidta” means eyes closed. This amulet is a symbol of the deepest meditation, in which one is closed off to all external influences and sees with the internal eye only.

Phra Pidta is a representation of a venerable monk well known for deep samadhi meditation (absorption) during Siddhartha Buddha’s time more than 2,550 years ago.

His hands over the eyes symbolize a blocking out of the outside world during intense Sammabart meditation. This is jhana level meditation which can also cross-over into Abhinna. Abhinna are supernatural experiences which people meditating in the fourth Jhana can sometimes attain. The Pidta style amulet with a monk sitting in a full or half-lotus position and with his hands covering his eyes and face is a style that has become very popular among Thai Buddhists.

The Phra Pidta hides its eyes. Meaning of Close the Eyes Buddha is when we stop concerning, asking and caring something, nobody can do any bad things to you. Yet, there are said to be many benefits of the amulets including good luck, increase their wealth and protection from harm of all sorts.

Effects of Phra Pidta Thai Amulet

Phra Pidta is known to bring fortune. It is also known to keep one safe from evil. Usually, those who engage in high-risk occupations or work under dangerous circumstances are more likely to opt to wear Phra Pidta amulet.

The meaning of the closed eyes in Buddhist philosophy describes this as imagery that one is not exposed to the evil around. One is also not concerned about evil and its wrongdoings. Hence, one doesn’t indulge in the rumours, foul mouthing, nefarious acts and any kind of crime. One remains immune to villainous acts and thus one is protected from all kinds of misgivings and ill-fortunes as a result.

Phra Pidta Thai amulet can help with improving luck and increasing wealth. It also helps facilitate wise business investments.

Phra Pidta was one of the most trusted apprentices of Buddha. Before he became a monk, over several past life ago he was a kind, generous, humble and striving man. Throughout his life and eventually, as a monk, Phra Pidta was always forgiving, helpful, generous and wise. He helped others without any selfish intent and he did not mind risking his own self for the safety of others in danger. It is these heroic acts of Phra Pidta that turned him into a legend and his good acts that paved his way to heaven, thus attaining nirvana.

A Phra Pidta Thai amulet is thus regarded as one of the most generously blessed items in Buddhism.

How soon will I be seeing results?
Master often said, results from the higher spiritual realm can come in every form and they are often beyond how your mind could perceive. Because your mind could only perceive and expect events you have experienced before in your life. Else, your mind would not be able to even think about it. So, master said don’t ever set any expectations on how great things could happen or you may miss out a million opportunities that come your way. Expectations would only create more fears deep within you which blocks you further from seeing the opportunities that came.

Simply have the full faith that the spirits are there to give you protection and guidance in every possible ways. Simply be meditative and you will notice that guidance will surface every moment. And master says that simply work on the spiritual richness within yourself, and you will experience the abundance and richness in every way in your reality. All that you could think of, will be given.

$498.90Free shipping!

Out of stock!

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