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Three-Tone Garuda Phaya Krut - Authority Powers & Wealth Magnetism

Item code: Three-Tone Garuda Phaya Krut - Authority Powers & Wealth Magnetism


The three-tone Phaya Krut Amulet transcends mere aesthetics to deliver a potent synergy of spiritual and material empowerment. Crafted from real gold in a palette of three different hues, this amulet functions as a magnet for prosperity while also amplifying your innate authority and leadership skills. Consecrated under both full and new moons, its potency is continuously renewed, making it a dynamic talisman of transformation.

Key Features:

  • Harmonious Wealth Attraction: The triadic gold plating serves as a multi-faceted magnet for drawing prosperity from various channels.
  • Enhanced Authority: Boosts your sense of command and influence, especially in leadership roles.
  • Lunar Resonance: Consecrated during both full and new moons, ensuring a balanced, self-renewing source of spiritual energy.
  • Shield of Fortitude: Offers a protective metaphysical layer that guards your path toward success.
  • Triple-Toned Opulence: Crafted in real gold with three distinct tones, adding a layer of luxury that heightens its spiritual efficacy.

In summary, the Phaya Krut Amulet is not simply a piece of jewelry; it’s a multi-dimensional tool designed to attract wealth, elevate authority, and provide an ever-evolving source of spiritual potency.

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