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Garuda Phaya Krut - Authority Powers & Wealth Magnetism

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The Phaya Krut Amulet is a gold-plated, cubic zirconia-embellished spiritual powerhouse consecrated through full moon and new moon rituals. This amulet not only offers protection but also specializes in attracting wealth and amplifying authority. Its lunar consecration ensures that its energies are ever-renewed, providing you with a consistent source of prosperity and influence.

Key Features:

  • Wealth Magnet: Draws prosperity into your life from various avenues.
    Authority Amplifier: Boosts your sense of leadership and command over situations.
    Lunar Potency: Energized through full and new moon rituals for continuous rejuvenation.
    Spiritual Shield: Offers protective energies to ward off negativity.
    Prismatic Energy Refraction: Cubic zirconia enhances the amulet’s power by capturing and redirecting spiritual energies.
    Material Opulence: Gold-plated for a luxurious aesthetic that also augments its wealth-attracting capabilities.
    Celestial Alignment: Ensures the amulet’s energies stay aligned with the moon’s cycles, making it a dynamic, ever-evolving artifact.

The Phaya Krut Amulet is not just an accessory but a transformative tool that equips you with the spiritual resources for success in both wealth and authority. It exists at the nexus of myth, celestial energy, and material allure, serving as your personal talisman for prosperity and influence.

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