Old Kuman tong (Thep) Consecrated 2010

Consecrated by the esteemed Ajarn Patana through a series of sacred full moon rituals. This consecrated talisman holds immense spiritual significance and serves as a gateway to three spiritual dimensions, offering profound wisdom, guidance, and awakening.

Through Ajarn Patana’s dedicated full moon rituals, this Kumantong statue has been infused with powerful spiritual energies. The full moon, known for its heightened energy and connection to the divine, serves as a catalyst for channeling spiritual wisdom and opening up new dimensions of consciousness.

The Kumantong statue acts as a portal to these three spiritual dimensions, allowing the owner to access profound insights and guidance. It serves as a spiritual compass, enabling individuals to navigate through life’s challenges and make decisions aligned with their deepest desires and aspirations.

The spiritual wisdom bestowed by this Kumantong statue goes beyond mere material gain. It encompasses a deeper understanding of oneself, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the true purpose of life. The statue’s presence cultivates a heightened state of awareness, encouraging personal growth, and nurturing the journey of awakening.

As you engage with this consecrated Kumantong statue, you establish a sacred connection with the spirit it represents. Through meditation, prayer, and sincere intention, you invite the spirit’s guidance and open yourself to its transformative wisdom. The spirit of the child within the statue serves as a spiritual mentor, providing insights, inspiration, and support on your path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

It is important to approach this Kumantong statue with reverence and respect, recognizing its sacred nature and the powerful energies it embodies. Regular offerings and rituals can deepen the bond with the spirit and enhance the spiritual connection, allowing the flow of wisdom and guidance to be ever-present in your life.

Embrace this consecrated Kumantong statue, blessed by Ajarn Patana’s devoted full moon rituals, and open yourself to the three spiritual dimensions it unlocks. May the spiritual wisdom and guidance bestowed by the Kumantong spirit enrich your journey, enabling you to navigate life with clarity, purpose, and a profound sense of awakening. Allow this sacred talisman to be a beacon of light, guiding you towards the fulfillment of your desires and the realization of your highest potential.

  1. Wealth and Prosperity: The Kumantong statue is revered for its ability to attract abundance and financial prosperity. It is believed to create favorable circumstances, open doors to opportunities, and facilitate the flow of wealth into the lives of its owners.
  2. Good Luck and Fortune: Embracing the Kumantong statue can bring forth a stream of good luck and fortune. It is believed to align the energies of the universe in your favor, attracting positive synchronicities and serendipitous encounters that lead to success and favorable outcomes.
  3. Business and Career Success: The spiritual energies contained within the Kumantong statue can provide a boost to your professional endeavors. It is believed to enhance business acumen, foster favorable connections, and create a magnetic presence that draws success and recognition in the workplace.
  4. Protection and Shielding: The Kumantong statue acts as a guardian, offering protection against negative energies, obstacles, and ill intentions. It creates a shield of spiritual defense, ensuring that you remain safe and secure on your journey towards prosperity and success.
  5. Intuition and Decision Making: The Kumantong spirit, channeled through the consecrated statue, enhances your intuition and insight. It assists in making wise decisions, guiding you towards choices that align with your true purpose and lead to long-term fulfillment and success.
  6. Positive Energy and Harmony: The presence of the Kumantong statue brings an aura of positive energy and harmony to its surroundings. It uplifts the energetic vibrations of your environment, promoting peace, joy, and harmonious relationships among family members, friends, and colleagues.
  7. Blessings for Personal Endeavors: The Kumantong spirit, connected to the statue, is believed to bless your personal endeavors. Whether it’s starting a new project, embarking on a creative endeavor, or pursuing personal goals, the statue amplifies your efforts and supports your journey towards achievement and fulfillment.

It is important to note that while the Kumantong statue carries these benefits and features, its effectiveness may vary based on individual beliefs and practices. It is advisable to approach the statue with sincerity, respect, and an open heart to fully embrace the blessings it offers.

Embrace the consecrated Kumantong statue, renowned for its wealth-attracting qualities, good luck, and overall positive influence. May its spiritual energies bring forth abundance, success, and prosperity into your life, while simultaneously guiding you towards spiritual growth and fulfillment. May you experience the blessings and benefits of this sacred talisman on your journey towards prosperity and a harmonious existence.

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