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Phaya Nak Naga - Strong Spiritual & Wealth Energies. Consecrated during Super Moon.

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The Naga statue is a multifaceted spiritual artifact that serves as a conduit for both material wealth and elevated consciousness. Its distinct features include:

  • Naga-Induced Prosperity: Cultivates an aura conducive to wealth generation.
  • Naga’s Luck Elevation: Enhances fortunate outcomes across life’s spheres.
  • Naga’s Spiritual Catalyst: Accelerates spiritual growth and understanding.
  • Naga’s Wisdom Infusion: Embedded sapphires provide mental clarity.
  • Naga’s Dual Shield: Rubies offer protection and ignite passion.
  • Naga’s Manifestation Amplifier: Targets the sacral chakra for potent manifestation.
  • Naga as an Energy Conductor: Creates a field of amplified spiritual energies.
  • Naga’s Lunar Synchronization: Consecrated under supermoons for increased potency.
  • Naga’s Meditative Nexus: Acts as a focal point for deep meditation.
  • Naga’s Sacral Energizer: Stimulates the sacral center for creativity and desire manifestation.

This revered figure harmonizes metaphysical energies and natural lunar forces, serving as a dynamic focal point for achieving both worldly prosperity and spiritual elevation.

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