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Phaya Nak Naga Sacred Iron Ore - Wealth & Spiritual Energies. Full Moon Consecrated

Item code: Naga Phaya Nak Iron Ore Item Code:_17493


The Phaya Nak statue, crafted from the rare and revered Lek Nam Phi Ore found only in Thailand, serves as both a spiritual and material magnet. This unique artifact embodies the mythical Naga’s role as a guardian and divine messenger, bridging earthly and celestial realms.

Feature Points:

  • Sacred Ore Magnetism: Draws in material and spiritual prosperity.
  • Naga’s Celestial Bridge: Acts as a conduit between earthly and cosmic dimensions.
  • Guardian Energies: Provides protection against negative forces.
  • Treasure Attractor: Amplifies the ability to acquire both material and spiritual wealth.
  • Spiritual Resonance: Synchronizes with spiritual frequencies for vibrational alignment.
  • Dimensional Harmony: Balances energies across multiple planes of existence.
  • Ritual Enhancement: Amplifies the effectiveness of prayers and meditations.

This Phaya Nak statue stands as a celestial talisman, offering a harmonious blend of cultural lore, mineral magnetism, and spiritual resonance. It functions as an interactive centerpiece in your environment, uniquely positioned at the intersection of science and spirituality.

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