Kumantong In Bottle – Sacred Oil and Precious Stones

Luck Changing Kumantong In Tree-Spirit Sacred Oil, with Precious Gems

This Kumantong was consecrated through 6 full moons and new moons. Infused with Tree-Spirit Sacred Oil and Precious Gems which will help its owner to create changes in luck at the 6th dimension/realm. This batch of Kumantong is suitable especially for people who seeks to strengthen relationship, increase spiritual consciousness to attained higher realms’ wisdom, and to bring upon positive changes in overall luck.

The Tree Spirit Oil is known to have great spiritual energies to attract wealth, increase trust of people and also improve relationships with people around.

Precious Gems Inside: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphires, Rubies, Quartz and Amethysts. This combination of Gemstones are known to create strong harmonious energy fields which could result in significant positive change for the owner.

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Suggested price: $129.00

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