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Efficacious Moonchild Kumantong: The Divine Harmony Series

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This unique Kumantong statue is a potent spiritual artifact, consecrated since 2016 by Master Patana and his apprentice at a cremation ground. Infused with special materials, gemstones, and rubies, it houses a child spirit that provides multiple spiritual benefits.

Spiritual Features:

  • Enhanced Consciousness: Elevates spiritual awareness
  • Intent Amplification: Magnifies personal goals and desires
  • Success Attainment: Aids in both spiritual and worldly achievements
  • Symbiotic Growth: Spiritual progress benefits both owner and spirit

Protective Features:

  • Early Warnings: Alerts you to dangers via synchronicities or intuitive hunches
  • Shield Against Malice: Creates a metaphysical barrier against ill-intended individuals
  • Black Magic Defense: Neutralizes harmful spiritual energies aimed at you

Communication with the spirit becomes clearer as you make regular merits, enhancing the statue’s powers and your spiritual well-being. It’s more than a statue; it’s a dynamic spiritual partner.

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