Kuman Thep (Old) – Strong 6th sense and spiritual guide towards advancement and wealth. Black Magic Protection

Powerful Prai Kuman Thep- Develop Strong 6th-sense. Strong Spiritual Guidance towards Business and Wealth Opportunities.

Protect against Black Magic Attacks.

Improve and raise spiritual consciousness.

Holy material of ashes and wood. 

Powerful Kumantong – Prai Kuman
Extremely Powerful Guaranteed By Ajarn Patana
Bind and Alter 3 spiritual dimension of one’s karmic path
(Made in Buddhist Year 2009)

Highly recommended for relationship karma, wealth advancement, increase charisma and popularity.
Cleanse one’s aura and neutralize negative effects of past karma at 3 spiritual dimensions.
Protect Against Black Magic
Neutralize Effects of Black Magic
Increase Spiritual Consciousness
Increase Wealth Opportunities
Strong protection and strong spiritual guide.

Accesses 6th dimension and beyond.



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