Genuine Gemstones – Twin Wealth Kumantong

New Moon & Full Moon Gemstones
Twin Kumantong – Wealth & Karmic Cleansing

Powerful Gemstones Twin Kumantong
Extremely Powerful Guaranteed By Ajarn Patana
Completed 90 days of consecration through new moon and full moon ritual.

Consists of genuine natural gemstones that helps repel negative energies, protection from black magic or evil spells, re-create new opportunities, superb wealth attraction.

Twin kumantong consists of 2 separate entities, each kumantong spirit can assist with different dimensions of owner’s life.

Highly recommended for wealth advancement, career advancements, increase charisma, strengthen relationships, improve wealth and love luck powerfully. 
With real rubies and sapphires. These holy sacred items can bring about wealth opportunities and attract wealth. Gives owner strong intuition towards wealth.  It cleanses one’s aura and neutralizes negative effects of past karma at 3 spiritual dimensions.

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Suggested price: $229.00

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