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Sexual Orientation

A follower who came confused and asked master the following,
“I am confused about my gender. I know I am born a man but I felt more like a woman trapped in a man’s body. This has caused me to be confused my entire life. I do not feel grounded as a person. I felt out of place in this world. Can you enlighten me?”

Master answers:

In the natural state of all human minds we are both man and woman. At different moment in one’s life, you could be mentally a man or a woman. You change from a man to a woman and vice versa all the time. When you think you are a man, a comparison of a woman deep within your mind is happening, and how can you not act like a woman from deep within from time to time? And this works vice versa for a woman too said master. A man could be totally emotional, feminine and exhibit a behaviour of a woman, and a woman could rage like a man. By the nature, we have both genetic memories of both our parents. We behave both ways at the mental level.

There are also a large number of people whom they identified their sexual orientation as straight or heterosexual, do also have certain likings for the same gender. The woman would appreciate another woman’s beauty and a man could also admire another man for their good looks. It is only when it comes to a sexual level, the sensual physical level, we have identified our sexual orientation.

Biologically, we can identify ourselves as a man or woman. But mentally we are both said master.

The sexual orientation is only a mental state. 

Some scientists may say that it is genetic that causes the sexual orientation. Master said yes, genetic memories from emotional state of the mother during conception could cause certain preferences or behaviours in the mental state. All these fall into the automated functioning of the body and mind, which is still an accumulation of others and of the past. It can be changed and reshaped when you see your true self completely. That karma can be changed. 

Master said that all homosexuality is still more of a mental state than genetic. It is the same as most man would choose blue over pink or black over pink and woman would choose pink over other darker shades of colors. But some man loves pink too. Pink has always been the feminine and darker shades are often masculine. It’s only a belief that has created a psychological association, a preference based on one’s past experience. There is no wrong in your choices said master.  It is only a mental conditioning.

Put only 2 young rabbits of the same sex in a same cage until they grew up, they will attempt to mate with one another when they are on heat. Even if you add another rabbit of the opposite sex, the 2 rabbits of the same sex may still mate with one another. It does not make them truly gay or lesbian. It is only a past mental experience being registered. The instinctive mind to reproduce or to pro-create is only an automation of the physical and mental level, it merely wants to seek an orgasm.(not so much of a procreation.)  Pro-creation or having a young is only a by-product of the sexual process. Mostly accidental. Even in humans, many people only wanted to have orgasm without having a child. An orgasmic experience between two people creates a oneness at the physical and mental level, nothing else could be better than an orgasmic experience. (that few seconds of a mindless state is the oneness) Hence, the experience is deeply rooted in the mind and unconsciously associated as love. Whether you are heterosexual, gay or lesbian, it is the same. Be watchful of the state. 

It is often about how a person seeks love. When certain experience gives you a good feeling, your mind may simply settle on it for a lifetime. Thinking that this is the best, and this is the only path. All sexual orientations, whether you are straight, gay or lesbian are the same way. The level of satisfaction of an experience is all in your mind. Be it just sexual, or love without sex. 

Master said that he is never against one’s sexual orientation. But master said, do not identify your sexual orientation and get rooted to the idea yet, and don’t judge or discriminate others yet.

That sexual orientation may just change according to your experiences. Stay aware of your mental and physical state. Don’t make your sexual orientation as a subject, don’t get identified by it or it will become an obstacle to achieving your higher states of consciousness. Simply be watchful of your state of mind. 

Whether you are gay, lesbian or heterosexual – it is only the way you seek the love that you might have unconsciously associated with. There is nothing wrong in any of the choices. But stay aware of what your inner being is actually seeking instead. Be meditative.

When you feel out of place as a gay or lesbian, it is simply the inferiority deep within yourself and fear of the judgmental perception of the society.  Let go of it, it has no importance at all on how others view you. Simply be yourself but stay watchful of yourself.

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