Revolutionizing Spiritual Practice.

Path to Higher Spiritual States for Manifestations

It is when the 3 states of mind, body and spirit is in perfect alignment, the doorway to the higher spiritual states open up.

It is via the detachment of the mind and the body first and the entry to the spiritual state happens.

Detachment of mind and body.

It is only via meditation, prayers and chanting of mantras (as the vehicle) that mind and body can be detached. Detachment is a result of higher awareness of one’s functioning of the mind and body.

It is via the intellect made available to humans, the intellect as a bridge towards higher awareness which aids in the progression. Hence, as we learn the truth and methods from scriptures, we deeply contemplate with our intellectual mind and through meditation we detach our minds from unnecessary thoughts processes.

Detachment happens when the awareness of the thinking processes and the senses on the body get raised. (It detaches when the awareness is raised.)

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