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Merits: Where to start? 3 Homes of Charity.

Master’s words:

Everything around us, all events in life were only a reflection of ourselves. Be really conscious and you will see.

Merit is simply how you build love and compassion within and outside of yourself.

Demerit is simply how you cause pain and sorrows to yourself and others.

Amount of true merit and demerit will determine how one’s life will turn out.

Remember one thing. Manifestation of all realities you are experiencing at this moment are all from your spiritual dimension. Whether you like it or not, whatever you have imprinted onto your spiritual dimension will get manifested by all higher powers and spirits. It will create a karmic cycle based on all imprints in the spiritual dimension. All merits and demerits will create powerful imprints in the spiritual dimension which will be manifested as realities in your life. And all forms of rituals, prayers, meditations are working within the spiritual dimension.

Your first level of merit is to start from within yourself and then progressively expanding outside of you, to all around you.

What does this all means?

Master’s Words:
“Charity begins at home” You probably have heard about this. But what is the true meaning behind this? No one ever told you this before. Read on…

Elaboration on Merits at home: “Charity begins at home”

This phrase is widely known, “charity begins at home”, the “home” is the self as the foremost concern. Without first truly understanding what love and compassion is within yourself, any other charities outside of yourself would only satisfy the state of ego. Remember, the “home” is the self.

First Merit with Self: It’s Most Important. Your first “Home”
If true love and compassion are existing within yourself first, then you will be able to truly share the love and compassion with others. How can you share the bowl of rice with others when your own bowl of rice was contaminated?

But the problem is, many people do not know that their own bowl of rice was contaminated. It was not intentional that people have shared their contaminated bowl of rice. They were simply unconscious of it.

The first question is, do you think one should first make full effort to find out if the bowl of rice you are about to share with others was contaminated?

It is important to work within yourself first, to find out if you are all true to yourself. All states of ego have contaminated you. Ignorance of your own ego is the contamination. Never allow the states of ego possess your life, allow only love to possess you. But how?

First, it is to stay honest to yourself. You do not have to look elsewhere yet, just yourself, and ask how honest can you be with yourself first.

Was it really out of love you have helped someone or was it tainted with a small condition that you have helped? Was it out of genuine love or was it an ego fulfilment or even transactional that you have helped someone? Or being “transactional“, hoping you will be treated the same way as you have treated others? Out of fear you have helped? The ego fulfilment and the transactions, these “deals” were the conditions. Have you found any of these lurking in your thoughts?

Recognize them and don’t create excuses for them.

Unconditional love is the genuine love. The love diminished instantly once it’s linked with any conditions. Compassion diminished along with the absence of love.

So, learn to be truly honest first. Become all watchful and aware of your ego first. BUT, do not attempt to be egoless, simply recognize it. You must truly recognize it. Never make a choice to be egoless! Don’t let egoless be a choice! All you need to do is see it and recognize it! An attempt to be egoless without truly seeing strengthens your ego instead and makes you fall deeper into unconsciousness.

Simply by recognizing this, love will truly start happening within yourself.

Only with the presence of love, flowering of compassion becomes possible.

It would only take less than a minute for anyone with a normal intellect and intelligence to recognize the presence of their ego. Simply be calm and you will see.

1st Level Merit; Within Self
3 Simple steps:
1. Recognize your “deals” and “conditions”
2. Aware of the Ego.
3. Do not continue to create excuses for those unconscious states of ego.

2nd Most Important Merit
Merits with family: Your 2nd “home”

Many people would think that giving money to your parents or family members means charity or means loving them. It is a humiliation if one thinks that way. You will be dead wrong if you have associated all love with money. You have allowed others to humiliate you and you have humiliate even your closest kin if you think that money equates to love. That is a great demerit if you have not shifted this thought.

“Being charitable means truly giving with love and compassion without conditions” True charity means sharing and giving love, it has nothing to do with material. You have unconsciously reduced yourself and others to only a material, “thing” if you have associated money with love. Although money is important for survival in this society, but one must have the high clarity of such association. It is important to know this, because we do not want to create negative impressions on the spiritual dimension.

To do your charity at home, simply means sharing of love and joy with your closest kin to begin with. True charity is pure love. True love is a complete acceptance of one another, with no form of expectation with one another, and with no arithmetic calculations. Nothing is placed in between them, it is not associated with any materials.

3rd Merit outside of you. Your extended “Home”

The first two merits as mentioned above cultivates the love aspect within your spiritual dimension. The 3rd one, “merit outside of you”, or your “3rd home” cultivates the compassion.

Why is it a 3rd home?
Lives are all interdependent, you cannot exist without all other existences around you. Your knowledge cannot be derived without other existences and experiences. The rich cannot exist without the poor, but how do you become richer if the poor become extremely poor? Can you really be joyful if your surroundings are in great misery? Wouldn’t it be enslavement if your joy is only built upon others’ miseries?

When you want to be richer, someone will become poorer. When you want to live, directly or indirectly, some other lives have to be sacrificed for your life. Life can never exist without deaths. But we don’t go on enslaving others for our own well-being. Do you now see that merits and demerits also happen at the same time? The accumulation and the exhaustion happens in parallel too.

The quality of merit is more of a concern than the material that has been received. If everyone in the world understands these 3 homes of merits or 3 homes of charities, the world would start functioning truly positively.

When true charity can happen outside of yourself, and moving towards your closest kin, the quality of your charity has begun to transform in a spiritual way. The “wall” you have created that divided yourself with your family members has become thinner, and that is a spiritual progress.

The “wall” will all disappear when you are able to truly give to anyone not related to you. The love has transformed into true compassion when the giving is 100% true without any conditions.

Once you understand the above, you will be able to truly start accumulating true merits within your spiritual dimension.

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