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Merits: “I am poor, I can’t give now.”

A lesson from master:

Many people came to master and said that they want to be rich so they can help and give the less fortunate ones.

“Let me be rich, so I can start giving.”

Master told them, it is not the quantity but the quality of giving. The quality is from the heart. Quality matters more.

There are already things we can give even if we are poor master said. Even a poor person could find something precious to him but could he share this precious thing with others? It does not just point to a material. Any pockets of joy within us are precious to us, that is what we are all seeking. The joy we want in life.

So, the feelings of joy is something precious, and we have abundance of it. We can create it anytime we want. We do not need money to find it or to build it. It is just that people refuse to look at this direction and refuse to build joy within themselves first. Sometimes shifting one’s thought builds the joy within. But people go on to be calculative and thus could not find joy in life in the simplest way.

So, share the joy if money is not possible. Share the money to give others better lives whenever you can. Remember it is about the quality of giving. Give and share what is precious to you.

The nature law here is that, if we know how to take care of the nature within the law of nature, the nature will take care of us in another way. It is the law of karma. It creates positive cycles of karma. However, people are fearful and no longer trust such a nature, so people became more stingy and selfish. Thus creating karma in another direction.

Remember this, karma is nothing bad. It is always transcendental in nature. If you face it and deal with it with calmness and consciousness. You will realize there are nothing fearful about karma. Once you know how to embrace them and understand that it is out of love that negative karma happens, you will transcend much faster and bringing you to a higher state of spiritual consciousness.

Avoidance of karma or when one is dealing with it unconsciously, eg. with anger or revengeful thoughts, the karma gets accumulated even more and only extends the period of karmic cycle.

Don’t just view monetary gains as a positive progress in life. Wealth is just a tiny part of the entirety. Don’t use that to determine anything. Simply work on merits and deal with karma as they come. True progress is with one’s level of spiritual consciousness and encountering karma will bring you to higher states.

Wealth is only a by-product of one’s spiritual consciousness. So, don’t focus on the wrong area to start with.

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