Mentors from Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha– Words of Knowledge:

“A few years ago, reporter Pankaj Mishra pursued the social relevance of the Buddha’s thought across India and Europe, Afghanistan and America. He emerged with a shocking critique of Western political economy that is much more resonant today as he pursued the social relevance of the Buddha’s core concerns: Do wanting and acquiring make us pleased? Does massive political change really resolve human suffering?”

These are the questions attended to in this interview with Pankaj Mishra in

The Buddha in the World

In order to get rid of experiencing one’s life, and to achieve nirvana, one must use the mentors of the Eightfold Path. If one strolls through these actions, one will cease craving, cease attachment, and find oneself able to move toward happiness. Following are the eight things that one need to work through in order to move in that direction.

A simple intro to this is found in:

The Eightfold Path from Princeton University.


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