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Manifestations via Non-Physical Dimensions

A follower asked master:
Are magic rituals and prayers all real or are these just psychological methods to shape a person’s idea of life?

Master answers:

Rituals are real, the higher dimensions are all real. But human in the 3rd physical dimension could not perceive the higher dimension because we are bound by our physical body. But we are all actually already connected to all 12 higher realms since birth. But we have lost the ability to perceive these worlds because of our physical limitations and workings of our minds. The worlds are connected via our spirit. Our spirit is the only area that is non-physical that is within us. The mind and body are both physical, and physical is a blockage to perceive. If one is able to perceive these worlds, you will know that we are all connected all the time and exist together all the time. And it is to perceive without the physical eye and mind because when we use anything that is physical, it becomes a blockage. 

In a ritual, the workings are within a real perceived world of a higher dimension. It also means that when master speaks, chant or draw yant, he is doing so in the higher dimension and it is only achievable via meditation. Master said that today’s physicists are already talking about what Buddha talked about 2500 years ago, there are indeed perceivable 12 higher dimensions. 

Master said that when you are able to enter into the 4th dimension, you will be able to see everyone’s thoughts because thoughts will appear as a visible form in the 4th dimension. And if one goes to the 5th dimension, time and space will also differ and changes of future of the 3rd dimension could be created from the 5th dimension above. 

Depends on the rituals, many times, rituals are to harness elements and energies to create changes within the higher dimensions to cause changes to the lower dimensions. 

Master said that the creation of great wealth is the workings from the higher dimensions. However, due to certain circumstances of an individual’s past karma, some people are not ready to receive great wealth at a certain point in their life. If such changes are created for one who is not ready, it may bring about death or illness. Because it is advancing of time, space, and merits. Master explained that this is almost the same as moving one’s spirit into the future, and also means nearer to death.

Thus, master’s rituals are to create a complete function with higher dimensions, and all circumstances, like wealth advancement, will only function base on the merits accumulation and resolving past karmic issues. This form is the most ideal and powerful form.

Master explained that a master’s limitation will depend on how many levels of higher dimensions he has achieved through his spiritual attainment. And that is why we call it spiritual attainment because it is only via our spirit, we are able to enter these dimensions and to function in these dimensions. 

All consciousness lives in higher dimensions because of none physical limitations master said. That also means that people don’t actually die. But if thoughts of non-detachment still function, one would be rebirth again to the lower dimensions or lower realms. Any attachments to thoughts will function in the lower dimensions. Because thoughts are in such a way a physical form without the body.

For example, a person who died in sudden death, but still attached to thoughts or confusions will only be able to function in lower realms or lower dimensions.  

Many great masters around the world had achieved at least to the 7th dimension, and in Hinduism, they talk about 7 chakras. 

So, we all have the ability to open up to all 12 dimensions if we practice meditation.

During a ritual, master explains that there are many elements that are also functioning and effect in higher dimensions. And that is why rituals often use natural elements. Example wind/air, earth, fire, water, metal.  These are the main elemental energies that function in higher dimensions. And these are the elements that also make up our physical body. The wind is our breath, fire is the temperature that functions in each of our cells, the earth is our flesh and bones, water is in every area of our body and blood. And metal is found in our blood too. 

And natural stones, crystals, gemstones are one of the many things that create powerful functioning in all higher dimensions. 

Merits-Making and Accumulation
Merits of the physical are also energy forms in the higher dimensions, it is one of the most important elements that create all possibilities of our 3rd dimension physical world.

Master said that every occurrence, possessions, the comfort of life are all dependable on the energy of one’s merits. And this functions in all 12 dimensions. 

Psychology-Mental State
Conscious psychological changes towards positive thoughts will help because spirit and mind constantly function together. Our thoughts and spirit is always in close parallels master said. At death, these 2 could go together or be separated. If one is able to separate them at death, the consciousness will be able to travel upwards to higher dimensions. And the spirit is said to be conscious. If one is unable to separate mind and spirit even when alive, one is said to be not unconscious although it may seem that they are conscious. One may seem to be consciously eating, walking, going to work, talking, but it is all out of an unconscious functioning master said.  So, everyone should try to be aware of this. 

However, only with very high consciousness, one will be able to differentiate and separate them. Master said for example, that our mind works constantly to keep our body in health checks, process the food in our body, tell us when to eat, and tell us which direction to walk when we are on the streets, the worries, the confusions, these are the workings of the mind. So, when we are hungry, we find food to eat and this is a function of our mind. But if we become greedy for food even after our stomach is already filled, it is the functioning of spirit. It is a thin line. A need is a mental function, and greed is a spirit function. Master said that psychological consciousness is the intellect we use as a tool to be able to differentiate the mind and spirit because mind and spirit mostly function in close parallel. And only via meditation or first changing the psychological factors of our minds, we will be able to separate the mind and spirit. 

A meditation session usually starts from a physical or psychological state, and as one goes into higher consciousness, the mind separates from the spirit. And the spirit will come into full functioning. And that is the state whereby one is able to connect to higher dimensions for guidance and have the ability to have the higher wisdom of the higher dimension. 

In prayers and practices, it leads a person from a confused state of the physical mind first, and so it is possible to help the person into the spiritual state where all the magic happens. 

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