Making the Most of Every Day


For many of us, just getting through the day unscathed is a real challenge.   The idea of making the most of every day seems out of reach since that requires free action and we typically don’t feel that we have much room for free action; we are mostly reacting to what we experience.

But with a change in your mindset, your attitude, both getting through the day unscathed and actually making the most of it are within your reach.

And you achieve that change in attitude by freeing yourself from the control of your mind and reconnecting instead with your true self, which is your heart, your true Buddha nature.  (See my post, “How to Free Yourself from the Control of Your Ego-Mind.”)

When you have done that, and you thus experience things directly, with dispassion, free of the intervention of your mind, you know that things are the way the are because it’s just the way it is.   You are free of emotional reactions.   

There will certainly still be things that you feel you want to change or that you want to avoid, etc., but you will approach those tasks free of emotion and thus you will get through the day unscathed.   And because you aren’t being drained by negative emotions, you will also be able to make the most of each day.


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