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“Making a Wish”

Making a wish means setting one’s mind with an earnest desire on something. When you make a wish, you should make it with your determined and clear mind and not do it repetitiously. There are 3 categories of wish as follows:

1. Daily Wish
This is the wish that you may make every day with certain words after chanting such as, “May the Triple Gem bless my father, mother, family, relatives, teachers, country and followers with happiness and prosperity.” Such daily wish is not considered repetitious because it is not derived from craving but from care and compassion. Comparing this kind of wish as post-it notes, they are in a pile with same phrases which the Triple Gem and your guardian angels can see and are aware of your resolute intention and will not feel annoyed. On the other hand, they will think that you are a grateful and generous person. So, this wish is not harmful and good to be done.

2. Specific Wish
You may pray on specific occasions such as when giving the offerings to monks, making merit, almsgiving and practicing Vipassana meditation. Subsequently, you may dedicate merit from those activities to your deceased loved ones, karmic creditors or for yourself to achieve your goal.

3. Repetitious Wish
Some people always pray for everything they want when they make merit or even sometimes when they do not make any merit. For example, some person prays for 10-million-baht lottery jackpot from his 100-baht donation, for meeting someone, for a trip, for big amount of money, for good sales, for a car or a house, for finding the right partner or even for more love from his lover. People pray too much that they cannot remember what they have prayed for. Most of these nonsensical wishes will not come true. In fact, you can make a wish but do not do it repetitiously.

When you earnestly pray for something, Opapatika (angels, Brahmas and spirits) can hear you. Those Opapatika can be friendly or unfriendly to you. The friendly ones are those who used to support you or you have shared merits to. If you are a compassionate person who always shares loving kindness and merits to your guardian angels, some devas or Brahmas, then you become their friend. When you wish for something that is not beyond their power, they will try to help you achieve it.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Quote on Picture
Making a wish means setting one’s mind with an earnest desire on something.
You should make it with your determined and clear mind.
Those who repetitiously pray do not usually get what they want.
Wish can be made but do not do it repetitiously.

Translation: Pathitta Kawinchutipat


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